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Munich and the Migrant Crisis


It is a difficult and upsetting subject to discuss but, if you plan to visit Munich, it is important to be informed about the consequences of the 2015 migrant crisis upon this, Germany’s most southern major city, and, therefore, the recipient of a disproportionate share of the up to 1.5 million migrants expected to arrive in the country during 2015 (during September, up to 13,000 per day were arriving at Munich’s central station). There is nothing here which should affect your enjoyment of this marvelous town but, when traveling, it is always wise to be aware of local context. Also, be aware that the more visible side effects, such as migrants sleeping in the central train station, will ease over time as most of them are redistributed to other German provinces and as more accommodation is found for those who remain in Munich. This article will explain the background to the crisis and,...

Munich and Terrorism


In the wake of the November 2015 attacks in Paris by Islamic terrorists, it is natural for visitors to Europe to feel somewhat jumpy and to wonder how safe the various cities on their itineraries might actually be – sure, the chances of anything happening are incredibly slim but, of course, that is probably what the folks enjoying a rock concert, a Café au lait or a nice Cambodian meal thought, right up until the moments that a bunch of lunatics turned up with kalashnikovs. With a rich cultural history, Munich should be famous for many things but, for most people outside Germany, the word Munich is synonymous with the tragic 1972 Olympics, when what should have been a triumphant moment for the city became, instead, a dramatic and bloody introduction to the uncertain new world of Islamic terrorism. Those events shaped Munich, giving its security services an early baptism of fire and an...