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The Munich U-Bahn … Naked!


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No, it’s not what you think!

When I say that Munich’s subway system is “naked”, I am talking about this interesting image by artist Neil Freeman, depicting the Munich U-Bahn system stripped of all the usual colors and text labels.

Seeing it as a simple network, we can admire the simple functionality of the system we are so familiar with that we usually don’t even notice it.

I do not, however, want to leave those of you who excitedly visited this post, hoping to see actual nudity on a subway, bitterly disappointed 😀

Here is a fascinating art video, featuring an extremely brave young woman, traveling on the early morning subway in Dusseldorf (everyone knows that they are all certifiably crazy up there in the north of Germany).

What I really enjoy in this video are the reactions (and strained non-reactions!) of the other passengers: