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Steven Spielberg on the Controversy Caused by his Movie “Munich”


Naturally, it is a terrible, despicable crime when, as in Munich, people are taken hostage, people are killed. But probing the motives of those responsible and showing that they are also individuals with families and have their own story does not excuse what they did.

Steven Spielberg

Mark Spitz on the Munich 1972 Olympic Games


The memories of the Munich games for me are of triumph and tragedy.

Mark Spitz

Why Munich is Graham Coxon’s Favorite German City


I liked Germany; I’m not into Berlin, it’s too huge and empty and imposing, but Munich was good.

Graham Coxon

Marcel Duchamp on Munich


My stay in Munich was the scene of my complete liberation. Finding the perfect place to stay was a big part of it

Marcel Duchamp

Rubin Mehta on Munich


There are three orchestras in Munich, all world-quality, in a city of one million. Yet every hall is full.

Zubin Mehta